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Fault finding & vehicle diagnostics

At Branston Filling Station, We have many diagnostic tools to quickly diagnose your faults whatever they may be, some examples of the systems we currently use include:

Auto Logic:-  The first tool any of our Technicians reach for. Very good diagnostic tool with test procedures. can carry out a vast array of programming and coding software on many manufacturers and models to dealer level.

Autel Sys Pro :- With this system, we can carry out diagnostics & programming on many manufacturers.

Genuine Ford vcm II Ids:- The main dealer tool for ford vehicles. Can carry out dealer level programming and coding.

Vauxhall Mdi Tech 3:- The main dealer tool for GM, Opel, Chevrolet & Vauxhall Vehicles.   Can carry out dealer level programming and coding.

Pico Scope :– For very in-depth fault finding on canbus systems and for testing faults to electrical circuits

We do any work nothing to small or to big nothing turned away. and our staff will try to diagnose and repair your faults as quickly and professionally as possible. All our staff are fully qualified motor technicians to nvq level 3.

Self diagnosis tips

Engine Management Light


The engine warning light illuminates when the ignition is turned on and should go out as soon as the engine starts. If it stays on or flashes whilst driving, it could indicate a fault with the engine management system and you should have it checked at the earliest opportunity on a diagnostic computer.

Brake Warning Light


The brake warning light will stay on whilst the handbrake is engaged. If the light stays on after the hand brake has been released, this could indicate low brake fluid levels. Or that the brake pads are getting low and you should have this checked straight away.

ABS Light


When the ignition is switched on, the ABS warning light will come on briefly to confirm that the system is OK. If it comes on whilst driving, it will indicate a potential fault which should be checked as soon as possible.

Battery Light.


The battery light will come on when the ignition is turned and goes off shortly after the engine has started. If the light does not come on at all or whilst you are driving, there may be a fault with the charging system. This could be due to a loose battery or starter terminals, a broken or loose alternator belt or alternator failure. In any of these events, seek assistance as soon as possible.

Oil Light


The oil warning light will illuminate when the ignition is switched on and should go out a second or 2 after the engine has been started if it stays on the engine should immediately be switched off as there may be low oil pressure and this could damage the engine

Air Conditioning diagnostics

We also carry out all air-conditioning diagnostics, servicing and repairs. We use the TexaKomfort 760r machine which is very accurate and efficient enabling us to fully service your air-conditioning system including: system clean, vacuum & leak test, pag oil, leak detection dye, and re gas and test the system for just £45 inc vat.

Test & re-gas £45 inc VAT

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